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My GSC & MF Collection

After I’ve seen the pictures of Lu-k and SbebiWan, I also wanted to take some pics of my GSC and Max Factory collection. Compared to their collections, my collection is more humble, but I’ve been collecting for about a year and I’m proud of the result until now. ^^

So, here we go!

First a picture of the entire collection Good Smile Company and Max Factory figures.  At first, I thought I’d put them on the table, but the table was too small and I had to put them on the floor. The collection exists of 8 nendoroids-petit, 10 nendoroids, 10 figmas and 29 pvc figures. Together with my girlfriend, I’ve spend the whole Sunday aternoon and evening opening boxes and installing figures…  Especially the Shuraki girls and nendoroids gave us a lot of trouble!  The Shuraki boxes hadn’t been opened until now… and I didn’t know that some of the girlies had some very tight clothes…  Gave me trouble to dress them. ^^;

Good Smile Company & Max Factory

Me re-arranging some figures

Good Smile Company & Max Factory

View from above

Good Smile Company & Max Factory

Closer look on the nendoroids-petit of Lucky*Star

Good Smile Company & Max Factory

Miku, Nao & Melissa nendoroids

Good Smile Company & Max Factory

Naughty girls on the left: Melissa, Pachira, Chu Chu and Demon Bane. I’ve bought Pachira last Saturday on the F.A.C.T.S. convention and she’s amazing!

Good Smile Company & Max Factory

Closer look on the girls of Suzumiya Haruhi. I still need to find Tsuruya-san…

Good Smile Company & Max Factory

Figma’s of Suzumiya Haruhi

Good Smile Company & Max Factory

The lovely Benisu and Shinra.

Good Smile Company & Max Factory

Three Fate/Stay Night maidens

Good Smile Company & Max Factory

1/6 scale Saber

Good Smile Company & Max Factory

Still need two Xenoglossia girls and I’m desperately searching for Ayu…

Good Smile Company & Max Factory

The Shuraki girls in the back. They really are amazing figures! Gave us a hard time putting them together though… I’m hoping that Char will be re-released again.

Good Smile Company & Max Factory

In these boxes I put all my figure boxes to keep them safe from dust and dirt. They’re also better protected this way. Need to buy more plastic boxes very soon ^^

Good Smile Company & Max Factory

This was it! Pictures also at Flickr. See my whole figure collection on Tsuki!
Great thanks to Liez for helping me out with the figures, the pictures and the blog. 😉


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F.A.C.T.S 2008

Ok, it’s about time I post something again… it’s been like … a month? XD  I wish I could put more time and effort into my blog, but there are just so much other things on my head… Anyway, back on topic.

Last weekend, Liez and I went to the FACTS 2008 convention in Ghent (Belgium).  It’s a convention where you can find fantasy, anime, comics, toys, science-fiction stuff.  It’s said to be the biggest convention in its kind in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg).  If you’re into Star Wars then you’re also at the right place.  Saw a lot of Stormtroopers, Guards, alien leaders, …

My eye was especially fixed on buying anime figures for extending my figure collection.  The “treasure” was kinda small… only bought three figures.  I have to keep my finances within the limits this month. ^^;

Part of our purchases

For more pictures, check out Liez her Flickr profile.

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Lucky !

Hooray!  Today I received my parcel from Hobby Search.  I ordered Ryoko Asakura from Max Factory and the Haruhi “Ultra Supervisor” brassard.  Last time when I ordered stuff at Hobby Search, I had to pay for the customs, but this time I was lucky and didn’t have to pay anything!  It would be fantastic if this where always the case.  I’d probably buy a figure every day… o_O !

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New photos online !

Today, Liez and I had some time to take photos. It was a sunny day, so the lighting should be good.
The models for today were Kureha and Xecty, both from the Kotobukiya Shining Wind series.


Product information:
– Kureha from Shining Wind
– Manufactured by Kotobukiya
– 1/8 scale PVC figure
– Release Date: April 2008


Product information:
– Xecty from Shining Wind
– Manufactured by Kotobukiya
– 1/8 scale PVC figure
– Release Date: November 2007

Both beautiful models as you can see. ^^ The paintwork on Kureha could have been better though.

More pictures on Flickr.

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Argh… It seems I can’t regularly upload some new post and photos.   There are always other things that are prior to uploading new goodies.  But although I don’t post here often, I’m not giving up on this blog.

Aah, some many cool things to do, but so little time… ^^;;

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New “Lovely” Stuff !

Yippie !! Today, my anime and manga collection is extended again with:
– Mizuki Sakaki (Max Factory)
– 2 random petit nendoroids from Lucky Star (GSC)
– Shining Wind collection of Visiual Materials
– some Fullmetal Alchemist mangas (to complete the serie for now)
– Megami Deluxe magazine volume 8

I -just- opened the box, so I’m writing this while I’m checking out the goods. All looking great! 🙂
Aah, seeing all this stuff makes me happy again, after a bit of a gloomy day…
Hopefully, Liez and I can take some pics this weekend which we can upload soon!

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Seena Kanon

Today we’ve tried to take some pictures of the Seena Kanon-figure. The sunlight was still a bit too bright, but we’ve got some nice pics.

Seena is one of the Kotobutikya Shining Wind-releases. She comes with a hat and a sword. In the hat is a little magnet, which makes the hat stay on Seena’s head. The sword is a great piece of sculpture work without any errors. Whole Seena’s outfit has a lot of details, like the flowers on her coat, the belts or the laces of her boots.

Seena Kanon

Although Kotobukiya did a great job on Seena, there is little dot on her face. It seems this way like she has a freckle ^^

Seena Kanon

Seena Kanon

Seena Kanon
Detail of the stockings.

Seena Kanon
Striped pantsu ^^

Seena Kanon
The skirt comes of too.

Seena Kanon

Seena Kanon

Seena Kanon

Product Information:

Seena Kanon from Shining Wind
– Manufactured by Kotobukiya
– 1/8 scale PVC figure
– Release Date: December 2007

More pictures on Flickr.

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Hatsune Miku nendoroid

Friday morning, 3 new figures arrived at my house. I ordered 3 nendoroids: Miku Hatsune, L and Ryuk.
I quickly opened the box and checked the content. Everything looked perfect.

Friday evening, after work, I drove to Anneliez her place to let her see the new nendoroids. She was quite curious about the Miku figure, so she had the honour to open the Miku box first. 🙂
When checking out the Hatsune Miku nendoroid, the first thing we noticed was the hair (tales) not being well attached to the joint. When you manipulate the figure, Miku’s hair always comes off… Ok, it’s supposed to come off easily, but this time it’s just too loose… The front piece of the hair (the pony tail) which comes extra in the box, is also slightly different in color.

Some positive things now. The stand where you can put Miku on, is a lot better then the old stands.  Now, she can’t fall forwards or backwards like my Light nendoroid. He fell on his head a few times… (aaw)  She’s a nice, cute figure and definitely a “must have” for collectors.

Pictures follow!

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Kuonji Shinra & Lucky Star petit-nendoroid

Today some new stuff arrived ! The box contained Kuonji Shinra from Good Smile Company and two random Lucky Star mini nendoroids also from GSC. If there’s time tomorrow, Anneliez and I will try to upload some photos.

Woah! My figure collection is growing week by week !!

Konata & Tsukasa

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I just watched two episodes of To-LOVE-Ru At first, I had to think of Onegai Teacher, because that story is also about a boy and an “alien girlfriend”. But after watching these two episodes, it didn’t look that similar.
A typical ecchi comedy. I’m looking forward to see more eps… 🙂

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